Commercial Diving

Our dive team lead by our Diving Operations Director Sam Preston, who has worked in the marine industry for 28 years and a qualified diver for the last 20 years. Experience includes diving, offshore & inshore, salvage, harbour service and heavy lift operations both topside and subsea.

Our dive team have over 30 years experience including heavy construction work for Clients such as BP, Shell, Centric, Marathon and Apache, all in saturation. We cover all aspects of Diving work both inshore and offshore.

Our multiskilled team ensure we are able to tackle any project and provide the necessary skill set to deliver safely and successfully.

Our diving capabilities include:

  • Marine civil engineering and construction
  • Inspection and maintenance diving services
  • Underwater survey
  • Cathodic protection inspection and installation
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater painting
  • Underwater cutting and burning
  • Infrastructure inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Vessel inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Scour management

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